Jian-Xin Tay

( jan·sin )


I’m Jian-Xin, an art director and illustrator.
I’m also passionate about video games, travel, and Malaysian food.

Currently in NZ.

+64 (22) 120-7107


Jian-Xin Tay

︎STIHL — “Manscaper Kit”
  • Lead Concept Design
  • Lead Art Direction
  • Client Presentation
  • Production Follow Up
STIHL has always been a serious brand, with serious tools. We wanted to demonstrate a lighter side of the STIHL brand, so we created this tongue in cheek idea to present to our client. They loved it, and what initially started as an internal April Fools’ Day joke turned into a full scale project featuring actual in-store products.

We ran this full page ad in local newspapers throughout New Zealand and it found its way onto social media, where we had to break the bad news to folks requesting prices and availability of shipments.