Jian-Xin Tay

( jan·sin )


I’m Jian-Xin, an art director and illustrator.
I’m also passionate about video games, travel, and Malaysian food.

Currently in NZ.

+64 (22) 120-7107


Jian-Xin Tay

︎MCDONALD’S — “Mac/Don’t Mac” 
  • Lead Concept Design
  • Lead Art Direction
  • Client Presentations
  • Exhibit / Set Design
McDonald’s needed a fun and exciting way to announce they were giving away packets of their famous Big Mac Special Sauce. With this sauce, anything could have the flavour of a Big Mac. We worked with genre chameleons THUNDERLIPS to come up with a narrative for what the sauce could be used for. And also what it couldn’t. 

We tied the shots together using unexpected visual connections that keep the ad interesting and fresh, even after repeated viewings. This then launched a platform for OOH, banners and social media.

︎Unexpected visual connections keeps it interesting and fresh,
even after repeated viewings.

︎Storyboards - click arrows to scroll