Jian-Xin Tay

( jan·sin )


I’m Jian-Xin, an art director and illustrator.
I’m also passionate about video games, travel, and Malaysian food.

Currently in NZ.

+64 (22) 120-7107


Jian-Xin Tay

︎BBC KNOWLEDGE — “Soundwaves”
  • Lead Concept Design
  • Lead Art Direction
  • Client Presentation
  • Production Follow Up

SKY needed to advertise David Attenborough’s new BBC documentary in nature magazines throughout New Zealand. We had great visuals from the show to use, but the challenge was standing out in a magazine already full of great nature photography. Instead, we turned Sir Attenborough’s iconic voice into a series of nature soundwaves, complete with audio snippets from the show. 

︎BUTTERFLY, Lepidoptera

︎SEAHORSE, Hippocampus

︎RHINO, Diceros Bicornis